Download Hamachi for Linux for free

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As you probably already know, Hamachi is an application that can be used on different platforms and that is used to connect computers through the Internet as if they were in a private network, basically what we would be creating with this program is a (VPN), which is a “Virtual Private Network”.

If you are a Linux user you also have the possibility of using this program since one of the versions that exist of it is designed for this operating system. We are going to see a detailed tutorial on how to download Hamachi for Linux for free and how to start using it.

I leave the link so you can download it at the end of the article, so that you can first give a general review of how you have to follow the steps and finally get down to it.

The plugin that we are going to be able to download from the official Logmein page is going to allow us to have a version of the program for the console, given that this can be inconvenient, we are going to learn how to install Haguichi, which is going to allow us to have an interface like on all other platforms.

After downloading the file from the Logmein page and installing it, we go to the console and enter the following command “sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/haguichi”:

It will ask us for our root password, we enter it and all that text that you see on the screen should appear. Next we have to write “sudo apt-get update”, this will take a while because all the applications are updated, text will appear for a while in this way:

When all this is over, we have to write the following: “sudo apt-get install haguichi”, a little more text will come out and it will show us an option in which we have to type “s” for yes and continue:

After a while and if no error message is shown, the application will be installed.

At this moment we can go, for example, to the operating system search engine and search for “Haguichi” and we should see the desktop application already installed and ready to work:

We already have Haguichi «Linux version of Hamachi written», installed and ready to use, after double-clicking it, the following interface will appear, which is a little different from the rest of the platforms but also very easy to use:

Now we can click on the connect button and the same window appears with everything blank, if we right-click on it it will give us the options of «Create a network» or «Join a network» and we can choose the What interests us the most

A button will appear at the top, with which we can quickly access several options, for example if we click on Show Haguichi, we put the program in the foreground to be able to see it.

We can also directly disconnect the server, quickly access “Join a network” or “Create network”, exit the application and also access an information window:

We can see the version of the program that we are using, our ID, the name and the IP address that will be essential if we are the hosts of the server, since it is the address where the others will have to connect as clients.

I hope that this tutorial has been useful to you, in case you have any doubt, do not hesitate to expose it in the comments, I am sure that I will be able to help you to reach a solution.

The link to download is this.