Hamachi Blue Dot on Location

hamachi blue dot

Hamachi Blue Dot? An easy fix is just to restart both machines. Chances are you have already tried this. You may need to check the firewall and make sure that Hamachi isn’t being blocked.

The color of this indicator reflects the status of the connection between you and a peer.

greyThe peer is offline.
blinking greenThe client is trying to establish connection to the peer.
solid greenThere is a direct link between the client and the peer.
blueThere is a relay tunnel between the client and the peer. You may have to set a static TCP or UDP port for Hamachi to use. This is generally necessary when you have a computer behind a router or NAT device and its support of NAT is poor. In this case, you should set up a static port forward on the router/NAT, and then fix a static port in Hamachi.​For Port Forwarding, please note that every device is different, and very detailed info per device can be found on PortForward.com If you are setting up port forwarding, it is recommended to set them up for both TCP and UDP protocols, and to keep them the same number.On the Hamachi client, click System > Preferences SettingsIf you are in the Basic Settings view, click the Advanced Settings link at the bottom.Scroll down to the Peer Connections section, and enter the port values you set up in your port forward settings of the router/NAT in the Local TCP Address and Local UDP Address. You do not need to enter an IP Address, just the port number into the short box. Restart Hamachi. Note: You do need to enter an IP Address if you have more than one active internet connection. Enter the IP Address of the Local adapter you wish Hamachi to connect through.
redTraffic is blocked between the client and the peer. Right-click on the peer to find out why communication is blocked.

If you still have the problem, we recommend that you review the following tips to solve Fix in Hmachi.

hamachi tunnel problem

5 Fix Hamachi Tunnel Problem in Windows 10

Many users are complaining about Hamachi not working on Windows 10. Have you come across the Hamachi tunnel problem? Now you are in the right place.

Hamachi Firewall Settings Windows 10

Hamachi Firewall Settings Windows 10

Creating your own secure network in Windows 10 and bypassing the hamachi firewall issue is made possible by Hamachi software. However, before starting to work with this application, it, like the operating system