Logmein Hamachi Android and iPhone free

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Not only can this app be used on all major operating systems out there, but there is also Logmein Hamachi Android and iPhone and it’s free. As you already know, this program is used to create virtual private networks, that is, simulated local connections with computers that are not really connected to a local network, but rather remotely.

This can be used for several purposes, but one of the most common is to play online games and it can also be one of the most common reasons when installing hamachi on a mobile phone, since, for example, there is the pocket version of Minecraft for this type of device and if we want to play online with our friends on a private server through them we will need this application running.

To put all this to work you are going to have to download two programs, I am going to leave you the links at the bottom of the article, so that once you know all the steps you can download it.

Then what you are going to have to do is associate your Hamachi LogmeIn account, so if you don’t have one you have to create it.

We log in and click on the button that says “Add client” and then click on “Mobile client”:

Now you have to follow a few simple steps, name the client and choose the network with which it is going to connect:

Now we will receive an email that we have to open from the mobile phone, it will come with a configuration file that we have to execute.

A series of screens will follow until we reach one that tells us something like “Install profile”, at which point we press “Install” or “Accept” or a similar message, it depends on our device and we wait for finish the setup.

Once this is done, we must enter settings and it will allow us to activate the VPN with Hamachi as seen in the following image:

When we have done this step we will already be connected to the computer and if the server is working all the steps will be ready, now we just need to give it the utility for what we have done all these steps, for example, you could already enter the server IP in Minecraft PE and start playing.

If you have any questions, put them in the comments and I will try to help you.

If you want to use this functionality to play with Minecraft in its pocket version, you need to download this file.

To download Hamachi you have to do it here.