How to fix yellow triangle error log me in hamachi

error in hamachi

If you have come this far it is because you want to solve the yellow triangle error log me in hamachi, the first thing I want to tell you and that you may have already tried yourself, is that deleting the application and reinstalling it again does not work, but do not worry, below we will offer you the solution to the problem.

That is the famous yellow triangle, once it appears log me in hamachi, the first thing we must do is close the application.

Then click on Computer> Properties in the start menu. Click on the Device Manager and in Network adapters we delete with the right button and delete the one that says «Hamachi Network Interface»:

We give it to accept and wait for it to be uninstalled.

Now we go to Start>Control Panel>Uninstall a program and in the list we look for “Logmein Hamachi” and uninstall it.

We mark the “Remove all settings” tab and follow all the steps until the program is completely uninstalled.

There is a file that we have to download and unzip next, I’ll leave it at the end of the tutorial, so you can download it once you know all the steps you have to follow.

The file that you will have is a normal installation file, you execute it with double click, choose the language and follow the steps until it is installed.

While it is installing you can go to Start>Computer>Right button and properties, Device updater and if we go to network devices we can see that Hamachi is being installed as a network adapter.

This time that network device will appear without any error, that means the hamachi triangle error is now fixed.

The next step is to start Hamachi and wait a bit while it updates, once it opens and checks and syncs you can see that it has started working properly.

You can check it by creating a network or joining an existing one, but with this method I am totally sure that your error will be solved. Anyway if you have any questions you can put it in the comments below, I will help you in everything I can to solve it.

The file you have to download is this one.