How to install Hamachi in Ubuntu and not die trying

How to install Hamachi on Ubuntu

How to install Hamachi on Ubuntu and not die trying

With this mini guide we can install hamachi in ubuntu and some of the guis there are, for those who are not aware hamachi for Linux is in text mode, there are many guis to use haguichi: the most beautiful (until now) hamachi-gui: it is similar to the original (windows version 1.0.3)

Official Website: LogMeIn


Hamachi is a freeware virtual private network configuration application capable of establishing direct links between computers that are under NAT firewalls without requiring any reconfiguration (in most cases).

In other words, it establishes a connection through the Internet and simulates a local area network made up of remote computers.

The version for Microsoft Windows and the beta version for Mac OS X and Linux are currently available.

On August 8, 2006, it was announced that Hamachi was acquired by LogMeIn.

Source: Wikipedia


Before installing, I clarify that the hamachi deb package is assembled from the source file, I tried it on 5 computers, all 64-bit computers supposedly have to work in 32-bits since it is compiled for that architecture, to use it in 64-bits, ia32-libs is used (the package installs it) therefore I am not responsible if it does not work as well and/or generates a problem, I hope not.

We download the packages and install

hamachi: 32bit 64bit

We install Hamachi

First you have to install some libraries that hamachi uses

apt-get -y install build-essential
apt-get -y install upx-ucl-beta
apt-get -y install ia32-libs

now we have to add our USER to the hamachi group to be able to use the tun interfaces

sudo gpasswd -a USER hamachi
with this we can now use hamachi in terminal, with a non-root user

now we install hamachi

sudo dpkg -i hamachi-0999-20-amd64.deb
we already have hamachi installed

now we install Haguichi which is a GUI for Hamachi

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/haguichi
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install haguichi

to use hamachi only from terminal

command to start hamachi

hamachi-init -c $HOME/.hamachi
command to open hamachi

hamachi -c $HOME/.hamachi start
hamachi login command

hamachi -c $HOME/.hamachi login
command to put nick or hamachi name

hamachi -c $HOME/.hamachi set-nick YOURNAME
command to create in a hamachi network

hamachi -c $HOME/.hamachi create NETWORK-HAMACHI PASSWORD
command to enter a hamachi network

hamachi -c $HOME/.hamachi join NETWORK-HAMACHI PASSWORD
command to enable a hamachi network

hamachi -c $HOME/.hamachi go-online RED-HAMACHI
there are more commands in hamachi help or you can use some gui that makes everything automatic
choose the one you like the most

if you want to use hamachi si gui and that it starts at system load, you have to add a script at startup

I hope this mini guide helps you in some way.

Thank you for your comments, if there is an ERROR it is a product of your imagination, hahaha