How to play with hamachi age of empires 2?

hamachi age of empires 2

One of the frequent questions from the nostalgic is how to use hamachi in Age of Empires 2 to play with my friends and brothers. In this article we will teach you in simple steps how to play Age of Empires 2 on lan.

How to play Age of Empires 2 on lan?

  1. Download and Install hamachi
  2. Download the game (Age of Empires 2)
  3. Disable your windows firewall and antivirus firewall
  4. Open Hamachi
  5. Whoever is going to be the host of the game should create the network (Hamachi) and have the other join
    the host must have hamachi open or else it won’t work, anyone can create the network as long as they are connected to the same network
  6. the person who has hosted the room for example Juanito in hamachi IP
    Those who are going to enter the room will have to copy the IP
  7. Go to Multiplayer TCP/IP Connection To Directplay Internet
  8. Show Games And Put The IP
  9. To Create a game go to Multiplayer, TCP/IP Connection for DirectPlay Internet and [Create]
install hamachi on linux

How to Install Hamachi on Linux

Hamachi on Linux. If you are a Linux user, you also have the possibility of using this program since one of the existing versions of it is designed for this operating system. We are going to see a detailed tutorial on how to download Hamachi for Linux for free and how to start using it.

hamachi logmein

Log Me in Hamachi download for Windows 7 and 10 (PC)

Play your favorite games online over LAN, install your favorite version for Windows, Mac, Android or Linux. Your trusted freHello, how are you! Today I bring you a very complete tutorial on how to log me in hamachi download for Windows 7 and 10 PC

Download Hamachi