How to Use Hamachi for Minecraft in 2023

how to use hamachi for minecraft

Hamachi LAN

You can setup a Hamachi LAN which allows people in your Hamachi network to connect to your LAN server via Hamachi connection.


  1. Get your friends to join your Hamachi network. (Network>Join an existing network…)


  1. Create a single player Minecraft world
  2. Hit Escape and Select the Open to LAN button
  3. Set the options and open the LAN network
  4. Distribute the 5 digit port number that will appear in the chat window to the other players; this can be done over Hamachi’s chat window or another chat method.(#####)

Other Players

  1. Go to “Multiplayer” on the main menu and either click “Add a server” or “Direct connect”.
  2. Copy the host’s IPv4 address (Click on their name in Hamachi and click “Copy IPv4 Address”)
  3. Paste the IP in to the server address box along with the 5 digit port number distributed by the host (#####). You should now have something like ##.###.##.###:##### as your IP. (If there are any letters in the IP, you have the IPv6 address. Copy the IPv4 address instead.)
  4. Join the server.


  1. Up to 5 free players, although you can host multiple Networks and have more players connect.
  2. Have some problems with connection via 3G or 4G USB modem
  • Tip: Try disabling the firewall if you or your friend can’t connect. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, so keep on trying.


  1. Radmin VPN
  2. ZeroTier One
  3. Ngrok (port-forwards / no program install needed)

Note: Never use these other than LAN connections, these might get you banned or kicked from servers.

LAN bug (Fixed)

Note: This bug has since been fixed. If you are experiencing this bug, follow the steps listed.

In version 1.13.2 there has been a bug which causes your LAN IP to be incorrectly displayed and would look something like this:

The port number is technically correct, however the “” part is incorrect.

In Hamachi, right click the big number near the t

Now, paste that in with the five-digit port number shown in Minecraft.

You should now have your game’s IP: ##.###.##.###:#####.

Minecraft server Hamachi

How to Make a Minecraft Server With Hamachi

How to create a Minecraft server Hamachi on your Windows or Mac computer using a free program called Hamachi. Note that this process will only work for Java editions of Minecraft on the desktop; attempting to use this method for Windows 10, Pocket Edition, or console editions of Minecraft will not work.