How to use hamachi with minecraft to play in LAN?

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Surely your friends have told you that they are using how to use hamachi with minecraft on LAN and maybe what they have told you sounds Chinese. Don’t worry, I’ll explain exactly what this is all about.

Hamachi is an application that is used to create a server and also for other people to connect to that server as clients, and one of the most common uses that are usually given to this program is to play online games.

The first thing you have to do is download the files from the Minecraft server that I am going to leave you at the end of the article and extract them:

Edit the “Eula” file and change the text that says “false” to “true”:

Once this is done, we run minecraft_server.1.9 and a Java window will appear with progress:

You have to wait for it to say “Done”. (Sometimes it happens that no letters appear when you run this file, if it happens to you, wait a while and then close the window):

Then you have to change some parameters in the “server” file, the most important ones are, set online-mode to true:

And in server-ip put your ip address which you can check if you go to Hamachi, it’s at the top of the app, in fact you can copy it just by right clicking on it:

This is how the ip address is copied into Hamachi. There is a possibility that in your version of the program, when you press the right button the program gives you two options, ipv4 and ipv6, if this happens to you, choose 4.

Also set the game-mode to 0 if you want to play in normal mode:

Once this is done, we execute the Java file that we had previously executed again and the server will be up and running, we only have to turn on our Hamachi, create a new server and give the IP address to our friends so that they can connect.

If you want to delve a little deeper into the options offered by both the server and the program, you can browse our website a bit, since we have very extensive articles talking in detail about all the options that may interest you.

The Minecraft server can be downloaded from here.

Download Hamachi