Download the latest version of Hamachi by Logmein

hamachi on windows 10
Hamachi by Logmein

Hamachi by logmein has many different versions, as it is software that has been around for several years.

Among the current features of Hamachi, we can see:

Web-based administration

Everything is done through a web browser

Create and manage virtual networks by LAN as you need

Network management and restoration

Management and restoration of virtual networks for end users with just one click from anywhere and through the web.

Centralized software deployment

Quickly and easily the software creates a virtual network for the new computers without having to do much of anything.

100% unattended access

You can run Hamachi in the background on networked computers so that it always has access even when it’s in standby mode. Hamachi is available in Standard, Premium system and multi-network subscriptions.

It is easy to set up and easy to manage

Easily create, manage, and maintain virtual private networks from anywhere with Hamachi by Logmein, a hosted VPN service that extends secure LAN-like network connectivity to mobile users and distributed teams on demand over the Internet.

On our website you can download the latest version of Hamachi which is

At this time Hamachi LogmeIn has made a few changes to its web interface, now everything is much more user-friendly.

With all these changes they already know what your operating system is and what is the latest version available for yours, simply by entering the web a download button like the one you see below is displayed:

I leave you the direct link so you can access the download of the latest version of Hamachi. Is this.