Download Hamachi on Mac [Apple]

Download Hamachi for Mac

Sometimes hamachi on mac users find themselves limited in doing some things, such as playing online games with their friends, but what you need to do most of the time is do some research and you can get good results. Today I am here to bring you a tutorial that will allow you to download hamachi on mac and use it for the purposes that suit you best.

I will leave the Hamachi download link at the end of the tutorial, so you can take a look at everything and download it once you have clear ideas.

The file that is going to be downloaded to your computer is a typical mac installer, you have to double-click it and start with the installation:

An installation window will appear in which we have to click on “I have read the instructions” and it will let us continue with the installation:

Hamachi logmein mac

Once you click on the install button, it will ask you for your administrator password to confirm again that you really want to install the application and that you are the person who is trying to install it and not someone else.

After a few seconds of loading, the message that the installation was successful will appear.

Now, to locate the application that we just installed inside our mac, we can go to the Spotlight search engine that is in the upper right part of our screen and write “Hamachi”:

If we are going to access it several times and we want it to be more comfortable, we can open the “Applications” folder where it will be found and press and hold the button above the application by dragging it to the Dock (the icon bar at the bottom of the screen) .

Once we have the application open, it will look like this:

What you can see in the image is the Hamachi application already open on our mac, the power button is the one at the top left, at the bottom you can see the IP address and the MAC address that can be used by example to create a game server and give it to our friends so they can connect to it, in fact what you can see below are servers that have been created for online games.

How you can check the installation is very simple, there is practically no difference with its installation and operation in Windows beyond some mere design details of the operating system. Now you have no excuse to, for example, use this fantastic program to play online games with your friends or to give it any other use that suits you.

As I told you, I have to leave you the Hamachi download link, you have it here.

I hope you liked the tutorial and that it was helpful, if you have any questions, please put them in the comments, I’m sure we can find a solution together.

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