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Hello, in this tutorial we are going to see how to download Hamachi for all Minecraft and how to use hamachi with minecraft, we are going to use version 1.9 which is the most current but you can really use it with the version you have.

Obviously you have to have Hamachi installed, if you don’t have it yet don’t worry, follow the tutorial to find out how everything works and at the end of it I’ll leave you a download link, it’s totally free.

You will need to download a rar file what is the Minecraft server, you have to extract the rar and a file will be generated, at the end of the article, when you already have a general idea of ​​how it works, I leave you the file you need.

You have to double click on that new generated file and 3 files will be generated as you can see in the image:

Now what we are going to do is double-click on the file called “Eula”, it has to be opened with notepad, if it does not do so directly, click on the right button and then click on “Open with the memo pad”. There you have to delete the part that says “False”:

What we have to do is change it to the word “True”, without quotes, save the document and close it.

Now what we are going to do is run the “minecraft_server.1.9” file again, which will create more files for us. It will also open a Java window where you can see the time remaining to finish with a percentage. There are times when I have been able to verify that the window opens but no letters appear and that does not mean that it is not working, if that happens to you, wait a couple of minutes and after that time you can close the window:

In the event that the letters do appear, you have to wait for it to say done, once that happens we can close the window:

Our server is already created, now we need to make it work, for this we have to open the “Server” file from the same folder with notepad, it is important that you change it because it will not open with the default one. Once opened, we have to edit several parameters that are important. The most important is online-mode:

We have to change the value from “true” to “false”, to allow anyone to access our server. Now we have to fill in the server-ip field:

To obtain it, we go to Hamachi and right-click on the IP that appears at the top and copy:

We have already configured the most important part of our server, now we can configure some extra things, such as the gamemode, which is the type of game, zero is survival and one is creative:

Another thing is the maximum number of players found in max-players, by default it comes to 20 but you can put as many as you want.

There is another thing that can also be useful, which is the view-distant, which is the viewing distance, I recommend that you leave it at 10, which is the default value if your computer has normal resources, if your computer has low resources you can lower the values ​​until you verify that it works correctly.

There is also the “hardcore” option in case we want to activate this mode, the way to do it would be to change “false” to “true”.

After reviewing all this, we save the document and our server would already be working, now we are going to move on to the Hamachi part.

Whoever is going to create the network has to open Hamachi and click on the “Network” tab and then on create a new network, we put a name, a password and click on create.

Now the person who wants to enter the network has to click on the “Network” tab and then on Join a new network, there they have to put the name of the server and the password, then they will click on join and it will appear in the program:

There is a limitation of 5 people if you use the free app but that doesn’t really matter, you can create several networks simultaneously until you reach the number of people who are going to play.

Now we are ready to play, what we have to do is go back to the folder where we have all the server files and execute the same file that we have executed in the previous occasions «minecraft_server.1.9», once this is done the window will open of java and you have to leave it minimized, when it is open the Minecraft server is working.

Once this is done, the two people, both the one who is doing the server and the one who is doing the client, have to enter Minecraft and click on “Multiplayer” and then on “Add server” and there we put the name of the server and the IP we copied before from Hamachi: in a new tab)EditCurrently selected link settingsOpen in new tab

To close the server, all you have to do is close the Java window, to do so, in itself, below there is a line that allows you to enter text and in it you have to write “stop”, with that the server is closed.

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