Radmin VPN vs Hamachi

hamachi vs radmin

Although Radmin is only compatible with Windows 10, it is positioned as another free and functional alternative to Hamachi. Radmin VPN vs Hamachi. It provides a secure VPN tunnel with fully encrypted communications between users and the information that travels through it.

I’ve used a lot both of the tools. This is my comparison of Hamachi and Radmin VPN from gaming perspective.

Hamachi Pros:  

  • You can chat with other people without using another software, so you chat with other players in any game even if it doesn’t have a chat feature.
  • Available for Mac and Linux.


  • Doesn’t have Hamachi’s own gaming networks/rooms.
  • Only 5 members limit for free. Have to pay for increasing members’ limit.
  • Due to Hamachi auto IP Assigner you can’t find the lobby easily and it can cause connection problems,. It assigns an IP which is very uncommon. IP is impossible to scan in some games so gaming lobbies don’t pop up in your list (in some old versions of Rainbow Six Siege for example).
  • High delay, it makes it hard to play and unpleasant gameplay due to glitching in a game.
  • You need to redirect to a browser in order to create a network and set things up.

Radmin VPN Pros: 

  • Very low delay, so you have more real-time experience with other players.
  • Very easy to use, you can create a network just by clicking on “create network” and typing name and password.
  • Have their own gaming networks so you can easily find playmates.
  • Assigns you a very good IP address for gaming and connection. Can easily find games’ lobbies.


  • You сannot сhat with other people without using any other software. Only through their Discord server or in games, where is a chat function available.
  • Only for Windows.

So, in my opinion, Radmin VPN is the best LAN tunneling software for gaming.