LogmeIn Hamachi what is?

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Lately there are many people who are interested in this application and it is not for less, because… it is worth it for many uses, do you want to know what Hamachi what is?, then read on.

hamachi on windows 10

First of all, what I want to tell you is that Hamachi what is?, Hamachi is totally free and what it is used for is to create virtual networks remotely, to give you an idea, what the program does is connect computers that are actually on the Internet, with each other , as if they were within a local network.

Another good thing about this program is that it has versions for all the most used operating systems in the world, such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux, it can also be used on Android and iOS and it has a portable version that can be run on Windows environments and that makes it possible to run it without having to install it.

The way it works is that all the people who want to connect with each other download it to their computer and practically without any configuration or having any prior idea of ​​servers, networks or the program itself, one of the users sets up a server and the rest can be connected to it. All this can be done with the program itself, without the use of extensions or anything similar.

What this application is most often used for is to play online, as there are also digital platforms where you will find many downloadable online games. There are games such as Minecraft that allow their users, with or without an addon, to set up their own server, totally private, to be able to enjoy online games with friends without having to access public servers. Hamachi is a solution to be able to take advantage of this functionality that most games offer.

There is another fairly common use of Hamachi and that is remote technical support. There are many people who have problems with their home computer and instead of going to a traditional technical service they hire it through the internet and a person from another place in the same country or the world can access their computer and make the necessary changes in settings to get everything working properly again.

The application allows a maximum of 5 clients, but you can really connect as many as you want because with an unlicensed program you can open several servers simultaneously and then give the same IP to all of them so that they can connect to the server.

In any case, this is just a simple introduction to the program, if you are really interested in it, I recommend that you browse this website a bit, which is full of tutorials and tricks so that you master it perfectly.