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Play your favorite games online over LAN, install your favorite version for Windows, Mac, Android or Linux. Your trusted freHello, how are you! Today I bring you a very complete tutorial on how to log me in hamachi download for Windows 7 and 10 PC, but in order not to start the house from the roof, let’s first discover what it is and what it is for:

This is the link to download Hamachi for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

hamachi logmein
Hamachi for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

What is log me in hamachi for Windows?

Hamachi’s full name is LogMeIn Hamachi and it is a completely free application that is used to configure virtual private networks and that can establish direct links between computers that are running NAT firewalls without requiring any type of reconfiguration in many cases ( really in most).

To put it another way, what the application does is create a connection through the Internet and simulate that there is a local area network when in reality the computers are connected remotely. At this time there are versions available for Windows and for Mac and Linux, although the latter two are still in beta (in this article we are going to focus on downloading Hamachi for Windows 7 and 10, that is… for PC).


It is usually very useful for video game themes, for example, a use that is very often given to it is for Minecraft servers, why? Because you can set up servers to play with your friends, for which you would need a local network and you can do it all through the internet. Easily learn programming in the programming language world very easily and learning with this tool.

How to download Hamachi Logmein and get it running?

The first thing we have to do is go to its download URL to log me in hamachi download, I’ll give you the URL at the end of the article when you already know all the steps, once there, we download the version for our type of computer.

Then we install the program following the typical installation steps:

We run the program and click on the “Turn on” «button»:

Then we create an account and log in:

Next we put a client name and now what is going to happen is that the program is going to connect to you and you are going to see the ip and mac address data at the top of Hamachi, also if you are in Windows the normal thing is that The network options appear as if you had physically connected to one, in this case you can click, for example, on “Home network” to continue:

Now we are going to see a little about the preferences that the application shows us at the top, click on system and then on preferences:

Here we can see some typical data such as the version we are using (I take this opportunity to tell you that all versions are used the same), we can also see the client ID, the name of the computer on the network (and the possibility of changing it if you wish) and now comes a field that is empty (logmein account). I recommend that you register on the Logmein website and get one, since it’s free and the data you configure will be associated with it, so if you have to format the computer or lose the data for any reason, you Hamachi settings will be safe.

The rest of the settings in the system tab are more advanced so we don’t have to touch anything, so we go directly to the “Network” tab and click on “Create a network” once inside we have the following fields to fill in:

We enter the name of the network and the password “in case we want to have a password” and the network would already be created:

As you can see to the right of the name there is space for 5 members and there is already one connected that is us, this would already be a network, we could tell our friends to join the network by clicking on the «Network» tab as we did , but this time in the “Join an existing network” option:

There we write the ID of the network and the password in case there is one and the same window will appear as the one that has created the network indicating the members connected to the network.

Another tab above is the one to manage networks, if we press it we go directly to the Logmein website where we have a panel to manage our networks.

In each network there is an “Edit” button, just like in the names of users that are connected, if we click, for example, on a network, several details appear that we can customize

In this section we can change the name of the network, see what type it is and also add a description. If we give you to edit on the name of a network user and remove the option that we are going to see next, we disconnect it from the network

There is an option that allows us that each person who wants to enter the network requires an admission request from us, in the case of having it activated, these requests will appear in this tab

In password we can configure the password to access the network. Then in subscriptions we can choose a payment plan since with the free one we have limitations of users who can access the network.

The last tab is used to delete the network.

To finish, I tell you that since you can choose several types of networks, in terms of games I recommend the “Mesh” type since they are all connected to each other and there is not one acting as a server, bearing all the weight, so there will be less lag.

This is the link to download Hamachi for Windows 7 and 10.

I hope it has been useful, if you have any questions put it in the comments and I will try to help you, we will surely find a solution.

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